Friday, October 19, 2012

Mix Tape

I'm reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower and I'm nostalgic for the days of the mix tape.

I found this post about the comeback of handwritten notes from verysincerely and it so happens I received two hand-written notes today and, along with one, a photo of how it used to be.

Even though that used-to-be is somewhat later than the used-to-be of the mix tape, I smiled. I closed my eyes.  It became easier to imagine lying on the rug, listening to the radio, waiting for the song, that song, the only song.  I'd hit the tape deck, slap record and it would be mine.

From then on, I'd know all the chords, all the words except for those first few notes I couldn't capture in time.


  1. Oh my gosh! I did that ALL the time. So many half-songs, but I loved those tapes. I still even have a few from way back when. Well now you've gone and made me nostalgic. :)

  2. Love hand-written notes! I just received a letter in the mail today from a friend...and it made my day =)

  3. I just read "Perks" as well and was struck by the same part about mixed tapes. I remember the early days of waiting for the song on the radio and the later years when I would make mixed tapes for the boys I adored, carefully selecting each song for a specific meaning in the hopes they would truly understand me and how I felt. Such a fun trip down memory lane...

  4. I still have a big stack of mixed tapes (and a few mixed CDs) that I listen to - I even love those songs that cut off at the end!

  5. My mom found a shoebox full of my middle/high school mixtapes last year, and since my car's CD player is broken, I listen to the tapes in there (YES it still has a tape player - love it!). It's so funny to hear the DJs talking and I cut them off, or like you mentioned, missing the first verse of a song because I didn't recognize it until the bridge...and now I know all the words, and it's logged hundreds of listens on iTunes and who-knows how many from CD, tape, radio, etc.

    A bit rambly and off-topic with this, but I have been trying to write a post on mixtapes/music technology for a long time so I have too much to say about it!

    1. Oh, and LOVE handwritten notes! I still have a few pen pals lingering, and I love getting letters in the mail. But sometimes a holiday card or birthday card actually sent through the mail is just so special.

  6. Bring back the mix tape! Oh how I remember working two tape decks and a record player, trying to get it just right.