Friday, October 26, 2012

In Love with 'Humans of New York'

I'll never know how this site escaped me for so long but Humans of New York is my latest obsession.

This site, for me, IS New York City.  Photographer Brandon Stanton sees my city exactly as I see it. Heart-swelling. Pulsing. Complex. Alive.

There are a million places to go in New York and, yet, when people visit, I never know where to take them.    Maybe that's because the heart of New York is, above all else, its people. Brandon figured that out.

I am IN LOVE with this video. Such a romantic, perfect tribute to the city I love.  I hope you'll click on it (it won't let me share it here.)


  1. Beautiful photographs. The faces seem to leap from the alive, so vibrant. Thanks for sharing =)

  2. Gorgeous - this makes me nostalgic for NYC.