Friday, January 13, 2012

We'll Go To Coney / And Eat Baloney On A Roll

Winter is in hiding.  I haven't seen snow since Halloween.  Talk about a topsy turvy world. 

Last Saturday, in January, temperatures reached 60 degrees and I rode my bicycle to Coney Island.

In my humble opinion, Coney Island is one of the most visually stunning places in Brooklyn.  I like to go there in winter, to see it forgotten.  The stillness of the rides, the empty boardwalks, the boarded up shops, inspire me.  So much so that I wrote an entire novel that steals from its storied past (and present.)    

I took the trip there on Saturday because of a new project I am working on.  It's not a novel or fiction of any kind.  I don't really know what it is.  I'll let you know when I know.

But I've decided that Coney Island remains one of my favorite places in the world to be.

Hey Buddy, I know it was unseasonably warm. But it wasn't THAT warm...


  1. The guy in the last photo is definitely showing off!

    Great photos, the colours are so vibrant.

  2. I agree with Spangle -- definitely a show off! And what the heck is that with him? A cat? A fat squirrel?

    Unseasonably warm is right. And I'm headed to the Poconos next Thursday for a family ski trip. I could use a cold snap about now!

    Lovely pictures! I think there would be something inspiring about walking in a place like this while thinking about your writing -- even if it has nothing to do with your story. It's ... stimulating.

  3. That last picture is scary! Lol I've never been, but it looks neat.

  4. I love your local pics, it always makes me feel like I'm there. I'm exploring NY vicariously through you! That last guy - just WOW.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! You have to come visit for real then :) I know, he was...interesting.

  5. I've only been to Coney Island once, and it was June so it was really crowded. It was fun, but I'd definitely love to go visit when it's less crowded. There's something unsettling about empty amusement parks/arcades, and I love the shiver it gives me.

    The man may be showing off, but he's better than the, erm, LARGE men here who show off in speedos. I can see little shorts covering his legs, and though his man-breasts are in our faces, I appreciate the longer shorts.

  6. It may not be that warm, but he thinks he looks THAT good, lol.

    I LOVE to see this kind of stuff when it's shut down. There's something that's an equal mix of happiness/joy/sadness/hope all wrapped together.
    Thanks for sharing the pics!

  7. When I come to visit you, you have to take me there! I love all the colors and shapes. Such a great visual effect. :)

  8. I have never been to Coney island, but I am putting it on my places to visit before I die list. What great pictures!