Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I am in this bonkers mood right now.  I mean totally bonkers.

I've been talking about Murakami on this blog so much as of late -- just saw the film adaptation of Norwegian Wood (my favorite Murakami book.)  I can not, will not, go into detail.  I'll just say the film was excruciatingly slow.  And long.   Two and a half hours long.  Well beyond what I can tolerate.

I'll add that I had to stop myself from laughing during one of the most dramatic and crucial moments.  Part of it was the result of sheer insanity (It was just so long.  So very long.)  Part of it was nervous laughter.  I had to pee like you would not believe.

When the film ended, I shot up from my seat.  But no one moved.  It was one of those films in which people felt the need to be with their thoughts.  They felt the need to display that they needed to be with their thoughts by not moving.  I nearly threw a tantrum.  Eventually, I had to trample over the still-not-moving crowd and was consequently cursed out of the theater.

I've been bonkers ever since.

Came home, walked into the bedroom and had a giggle fit.  Because, you see, the perfume I received in my stocking this Christmas, the one that has been sitting on my dresser for two weeks, that is featured in this lovely picture...

It's truffle oil.


  1. Hahahaha,. This whole post made me laugh so much.

  2. Thanks for brightening my day with this post. Can you imagine if you'd dabbed a little truffle oil on yourself before you went out!? You'd certainly smell interesting....

    1. Ha! And by interesting, I assume you mean, AMAZING. Love truffle oil.

    2. Oh yes ... insanity at last! I love it. Bonkers is good to 'do' from time to time.
      As for me, I am off to meet up with my 'baby' sister and to swim with manatees ... which is heaven. I shall be back soon to read your posts.

    3. i am not a fan of long anything. but hair.
      too long of a book and it's difficult for me to care. same with movies. just not hair! ;)

  3. You are so funny! I could totally picture the scene at the theater.

    And call me uncivil, but what is truffle oil?!

  4. I'm guessing truffle oil is for cooking, not wearing????

    It sounds like you had an interesting time at the movies.

    Have a great rest of the week. :-)