Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I Eat

So...I have a strange habit. I take a picture of almost everything I eat. I have no idea what compels me to do this. There are, literally, hundreds of photos on my phone. They sit there. They serve no purpose. I'll admit. It's a little weird.

So, I share them with you. In the hopes that you'll want to go to these places or make these dishes yourself.

Hurricane Irene Lasagna @ My Kitchen

Chicken Cacciatore Concoction @ My Kitchen

Linguine with Clam Sauce @ My Kitchen

Caprese Salad with basil from my fire escape garden @ My Kitchen

Caprese Salad with no mozzarella because I forgot to buy it @ My Kitchen

Blurry Spicy Pork Ramen @ Momofuku Noodle Bar

Connecticut Style Lobster Roll @ Red Hook Lobster Pound

Cherry Lime Rickey I only ordered because it sounds like something from a book @ Tom's Diner

Do you have any weird habits you'd like to share? This is a safe place.


  1. I don't think I can top that. lol I write down my goals and dreams in a notebook I carry everywhere. Is that weird?

  2. I'm vegetarian but it still looks yummy!

  3. lol. that really is a funny habit! Um ... I can't think of any at the moment ... um ... I like to drink water warm in summer. Is that odd?

  4. It's a good thing I'm eating breakfast right now or else I'd be annoyed that you just made me hungry ;)

    I love food, and when I cook something especially awesome (and by awesome, I mean that as an amateur I managed to create a dish that tastes and looks better than anything I've eaten at a restaurant), I love to take pictures of it. Eventually I want to start sharing my recipes with my readers, like I did with my chili recipe.

  5. I love that you take pics of everything you eat!!!

  6. I love your habit. :) I take photos of food all the time too. I guess my camera vice is that I take too many pictures of the same thing (trying to get the perfect shot). I think it started when I was in high school. I went to Arlington Cemetery in DC. I took two rolls of film (way before digital pics). When they were developed they all looked pretty much the same.

  7. You are a gourmet! I'm so impressed. And I think it's a fun habit. You never know when you might need a fun picture of food to compliment a blog post, right?

  8. I only take food photos on vacation. When I've taken trips to DisneyWorld, I've looked at restaurant food photos for hours online before making my reservations. I thought obsessing over food photos was an illness. I guess not. :) YAY!

  9. That food was picture worthy. It all looks so good!

    I've got lots of strange habbits - too many, I think. One is that I constantly organize my thoughts out loud so it sounds like I'm bossing myself around. lol :D

  10. Wow! These look SO yummy!!
    I do the same things phone is FILLED with pictures of food, and I humor many of my facebook friends with my food pictures!
    For me, I have an unhealthy habit of reading through the night while I ought to be sleeping :)

  11. I used to take pictures of free food I got at work, especially cake. That lasagna looks so delish! I'm in your contemporary campaigners group and a new followers. Nice to meet you!

  12. Toms? As in Upper West Side Toms? Oh man, I miss gravy fries from there ... I spent a summer living at 113th and Broadway and was IN LURVE with eating at Toms in the dead of night.

  13. Oh, my friend -- ain't no shame in your game. If I had a nickel for every time friends, family and my dear (and patient) boyfriend had to set their fork down long enough for me to photograph their meal, I'd quit my day job now. Everything looks great!