Monday, August 15, 2011

Brooklyn Public Library Increases Hours

We've all heard the abysmal news about libraries. The budget cuts. The closings. I don't need to recount it for you here.

So, I give you this headline, this link, just to say: keep the faith.

Brooklyn Public Library Increases Hours by 21 Percent.

I knew I lived in the right town.

What's going on with the libraries in your neck of the woods?


  1. I'm STILL waiting for the library down the road to open. It's a great looking building but every time I pass it, there's no sign of life.

    Maybe cuts have meant that the council can't afford to equip the library with books. If that's the case, then it's a real shame.

  2. Briliant! Give the library a large hug! Libraries are the life blood of a community and a refuge and shelter to some.
    There is no logic in cutting back on libraries ... perhaps politicians don't use them????

  3. More proof that I live in the country:

    One of the area libraries just got a "book barn," which is a shelf shaped like a barn, donated by the Farm Bureau and built by local high school FFA students.

    ^There are always great little stories like this in the local newspaper because (other than the main branch), all the libraries in this county are staffed by volunteers. We love our libraries here in rural VA :)

  4. That's WONDERFUL news! I wish I could say the same for Cleveland, but that's not the case here. However, I love libraries so much that we got our wedding pictures done at the Cleveland Public Library!

  5. All of our Memphis branches, except the central branch, are being closed an extra day (was previously just Sunday), and some that were open later at night are closing earlier. Boooo.

  6. we're still suffering the budget cuts. we just lost another employee at my neighborhood branch and they actually installed a "self check out"- i guess that will save money in the long run.

    also, our libraries in dallas are closed both sundays and mondays, shortened hours all around, and much less books have been ordered this year. :(

    i get it that budgets need to be cut, but the library?!?!?! c'MON!!!!

    i am so glad your library has increased it's hours. that seems like a good sign.