Monday, October 5, 2009


In case you didn't know it... October is here! I know I'm 5 days late with my announcement, but hopefully you didn't suffer alone in the dark thinking it was September 35th.

October excites me for several reasons:

1. The leaves change color.
2. The sky is bluer.
3. The sun is brighter.
4. You get to dress up in costume and eat candy.
5. It is my birthday month (yes, I get a whole month)

It makes me want to pick apples off of trees, frolic through fields of pumpkins, take hay rides, drink cider, go hiking, go biking, and just get it all in before it gets damp and cold and evil come December.

Yesterday I went for a glorious hike in Cold Spring, NY where I saw a lot of earthworms and a tiny snake. This coming weekend I celebrate Jessie and Stephen's engagement in the lovely Washington DC. And the rest of the month I have all kinds of activities involving Tyler's family visiting, my fabulous Boston friends hitting up the BK, and general raucousness throughout this fabulous time of year.

October is particularly exciting because of some other birthdays:

My wonderful friend Lynn, who will always be 7 days older than me no matter what.

And my Dad, who will always remain 32 years older than me but born 7 days later.

I like the to be sandwiched in the middle, just like a Libra should be, balanced and fair.

Happy October everyone!

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  1. This blog actually brought a tear to my eye... although I did notice a lack of a mention of a trip to Boston... suspicious... ; )