Monday, June 29, 2009

Where do you write?

I would do a Monday What Are You Reading post but, goodness me, would you look at that? Nothing on my reading list has changed since last week. But some fateful Monday, when it does change, you'll be the first to know. It's summer, after all, and summer reading is high on my list priorities, as well as finishing a first draft of my novel by October. Yes, you heard it here first, folks. October. I'm determined to stick to it and make sure that no matter how many blood, sweat, and tears are shed, I'm face to face with a blinking cursor at the end of a 1st draft just before my 29th Birthday.

And I may lock myself in a cabin in the woods to make sure it happens. Because it seems that on the list of 'Things to think about when you write a novel' that include things like what you write, how you write, who you are, who you wish to be, all of your hopes, dreams, and personal truths (ya know...the minor things in life) there's also the question of...Where to write?

So...where do you write?

I write here:

Yes. My mouse pad is currently a Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil

So where do you write? Link up a pic or comment. I'm very curious to see :-)


  1. As corny as it sounds, I like to write in Starbucks. The combination of background chatter and jazz music seems to help me concentrate more than if I was sitting somewhere quiet. Also you have to pay for WiFi which is as good as them not really having it these days, really.

    I deeply wish I could write at home, it's much more beneficial, but I've never found the motivation. My wife and I are moving house in a couple of months and I'll have the whole basement to myself - maybe it's time I intentionally set aside a place for writing.

  2. I know that desk! ;-)

    Currently, I am writing this comment sitting in a Cosi in D.C.

    I'm pretty unoriginal in my writing (ie. blogging) locations though. Usually either my office desk or the living room couch.

    See ya later today!!!