Monday, March 16, 2009


Today was a long day at work. I tried to catch up on only 2 and 1/2 lost days last week (lots of meetings plus business and personal travel) that somehow amounted to an enormous amount of lost time. Completely overwhelmed at work, I came home quite exhausted. And there was some serious self loathing going on. I whined and whined that I haven't written my novel since my breakthrough, that all I do is eat bowls and bowls of pasta and never go to the gym, that I have no discipline, no willpower, no real motivation, no ability for success. It was all very ridiculous and pathetic.
Well, it must be some Sarno/Gangi bloodline connection, but my wonderful cousin Priscilla e-mailed me with encouraging words. Having no idea that I was in this pathetic state (I didn't even post a sad, whining facebook status or anything!), she practically sent me a motivational speech. And will certainly be a convincing lawyer in the future :-)
So, this is me being grateful to all the wonderful, supportive people in my life who claim they want to read my book. Who claim that they want to hear more about my writing on this site. Who claim that they're going to buy it when it comes out- even if its in hardcover. (You can't take it back now!)
Thank you!
You asked for more updates on the process. So you got it :-) Right now you're witnessing the 'I'll never hack it as a writer/I have no skills/I am a good for nothing couch potato/I'm a whiney time-waster who is complaining rather than writing' moment. I'd like to believe it happens to people who call themselves writers. And that, this too shall pass...
Yes, there was a reason I named my blog what I did.

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  1. I'm already impressed by what you've accomplished! And remember, unless it's fatal, it's no big deal...