Friday, February 6, 2009

Pink Slip

After my employer announced it's 4th quarter results it will come as no surprise to anyone that I dreamt I lost my job. It was a rather silly dream. I was given a fluorescent pink slip and told to leave with roughly half of my co-workers who walked single file out the door holding their own little slips of paper. My reaction was very simple. I tried to dial Tyler and then my mother, both of whom did not answer, and I said, "No big deal. I'll just have more time to write my novel." I woke up, thinking that this dream was not all that bad.

Now, don't get me wrong, and I can not emphasize it enough, I am very grateful to have a job in this tough economy and I don't wish to lose it at this point in time. But if I were to lose it, maybe I would be doing something I love to do. I woke up feeling hopeful. With the knowledge that my job does not define me. And that losing it will have no bearing on whether or not I fulfill a life-long goal. I felt lucky that I had a goal at all. Otherwise, what else would I do?

This dream made me more passionate than ever to accomplish it. Especially because I have a job. And that makes things harder. When you have a back-up, it's easy to let your priorities slide. But, not this time, no sir-ee. Job or no job, I've got a job to do.

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