Sunday, February 1, 2009

Harry Potter does Equus

My friend Jess and I decided to see Harry Potter in Equus this weekend. And by see him, I mean all of him. And despite the fact that he tried to free himself of the Harry Potter role, he will always be known as Harry Potter to me. Harry Potter with a lightening scar and wire framed glasses. Even if he runs around having unhealthy relationships with horses as his wee wee flaps all over the place.

That being said, you should see it! Not just because people get naked but because it was one of the most flawless productions I've seen in a while. I really couldn't find much fault with it, except for a particular casting decision. But I'm not about defaming people on this site. Cause it gets so much traffic, it could ruin careers (please note sarcasm). So, see it for yourself. And then you can tell people that you saw Harry Potter naked. Because he's not Daniel Radcliffe. He's Harry. Harry Potter. Foreva.

And in other news guess who got an invitation to the Potter movie set!? If you guessed those Obama kids you'd be right...

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