Thursday, January 8, 2009

Frigor my love

I've never been much of a sweets person. I much prefer a bag of chips, a chunk of cheese, some olives, some pickles. My philosophy is...the saltier, the better. But I've realized, as of late, that I am eating many more sweets than I ever had in my life due to a little thing called: the workplace. I can't tell you how many long meetings I've sat in where I suddenly rise up from my seat, like the second coming, pulled by some kind of magnetic force, to a plate of cookies that have been sitting out for three hours. I'm not even hungry. All that's left is some kind of mushy pecan thing. And I must tell you, I am not a fan of pecan things. Mushy or not. And yet, I eat it. And while I'm eating it, I'm thinking just how awful it tastes. And 20 min. later, I suddenly rise up and get another one. It makes no logical sense.

And then there are all these vendors, sucking up to us during the holidays, sending us boxes and boxes of all kinds of chocolately treats with little 'Best holiday wishes' notecards. And, whether you like sweets or not, when you have 12 boxes sitting on your desk, it's hard not to dive in without even thinking about it.
And, it's not just during the holidays. I won't even discuss the walk-around. I can't tell you how many times, for no apparent reason at all, I've simply wandered around from kitchen to kitchen, my brain reeling from one e-mail or meeting or another, just to see what kind of free food there might be for me to pick on.
Well, my coworkers have really gone and done it now. One of them returned from a trip to Switzerland armed with, what I can only call: crack from heaven. It's a candy bar. And it's really called Frigor, Chocolat Cailler.

And it is hands down, slap yourself senseless, run and tell your mama THE MOST DELICIOUS THING EVER. Whether you love sugar or salt, you will love this. Honestly, (and this is a big statement) I'd eat it over olives. Even the prune-like Moroccan ones.


  1. Oh how I love salt! But mostly delivered in the form of pickles. Or Bloody Marys.