Monday, August 18, 2014

Photographs and 'A Coney Island Of The Mind'

I go to Coney Island in as many seasons as I can, to capture the land of my imagination on camera. The people are as vibrant as the amusements.

This past trip made me think of a book of poems by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, A Coney Island of the Mind.

Here's a small snippet from #21

At a certain age
her heart put about 
searching the lost shores

And heard the green birds singing
from the other side of silence


  1. You are such a talented photographer! I love how you've captured these personal moments against the colorful backdrop of an amusement park.

  2. Great photographs (as always). There's something sort-of "lost in time" about this place, like stepping into another world. Like Dianne said, you really captured the personal moments.

  3. Your photos are so beautifully composed, Melissa!
    I can't wait to visit Coney Island someday. When's the best time to go (for a newbie)?

  4. Gorgeous photos. So rich in color and bursting with life. You really have an eye for this.