Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Space To Write

I might have mentioned my office became a nursery.

I might not have mentioned I have a new space to write.

The tiniest desk I could find.

Can you imagine me? Running through Ikea aisles with a baby stroller, determined to find the one and only desk to fit in the one and only available (25 inch) space in our apartment?

But I found it.

And so I sat, late into a raucous Friday night, with the unassembled pieces, a bag full of screws, and the wordless directions from Scandinavian furniture whizzes, and felt very serious.

I would put together this desk.

I would sit at it in the moonlight.

I would become someone.

I got a lamp. A striped seat cover. I stacked the old notepads. And now it's mine.


  1. It looks great! Congratulations on your new writing space!
    Is it next to a window ... thus, the moonlight?

  2. Love the space, from the bricks to the window. Very nice!

  3. Looks lovely! It's very inspiring with those bricks!

  4. I love it! I need to get myself a dedicated writing space...

  5. i'm so glad your art takes up so little space! so lucky- :)