Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I didn't get a photograph to capture today. I walked right through it, the sun on me like a cat. I felt something surge, that maybe spring, that sprout of soft purple crocus amongst the crush of leaves and yesterday's snow and felt that wow, that what, that West Side Story's Tony song of something coming, I don't know.

It's been a long winter. The longest and strangest I've ever had, as a new mom, holding on to a new little thing that belongs to, not just me, but, the world. I spent a lot of time rocking my heels and swaying from side to side and shhhing and looking through the bamboo shades, sent into hibernation without sleep.

It might be a new book or a new life or a new you or a new me. It might be all of it or none. But today, I just felt that swell, that lift. Maybe you felt it too.


  1. Melissa, your writing makes me swoon.

  2. "a new little thing that belongs to, not just me, but, the world"

    I love that line! I'll never forget my astonishment when it dawned on my that my child had a life completely separate from my own -- the people at day care had their own nickname for her, strangers in the grocery store said hello to her because they recognized her from dropping off their own kids at the same day care. Her life was not inside the circle of my life, just intersecting it!

  3. I felt it Monday - change is definitely in the air :)

  4. I'm feeling it, too, right now: through the open windows in my office, the first breath of spring falling gently into our still-stale, winter-soaked air. So glad a new season is here. Spring really does feel like a rebirth.

  5. Yes, spring is here, finally. Hooray!