Thursday, November 28, 2013


I am often wary of putting a name to all I am grateful for. Life is so fleeting, so fragile, to open my hands and heart to share it all with others could feel like letting go, watching it poof, disappear.

I can often fixate on who or what is missing or what hasn't been. I fear what might never be. Many may disagree, particularly on a day like today, but I think it's important to dream, to imagine more for yourself and others. To wish. To want. I think that's okay.

But this year has been rich and full and I am lucky, particularly to have those I love and the love of others, and a little boy growing inside me who I can't wait to meet. To prepare to bring someone into the world knowing this love and kindness surrounds me, the wonder of that, is, honestly, overwhelming.

While I've been feeling steady kicks for quite some time, just this week, I have felt the angle and sculpt of him, pushing more insistently against my flesh. The bend of an elbow. The flex of a tiny foot. Each week, life inside me becomes more apparent, more insistent. It demands recognition.  And I am grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all and much love.


  1. Melissa, that's an exciting time. There's nothing more amazing than growing life.

  2. Hi Melissa -- sorry it took me so much time to make it over to your blog! I was on a bit of a break. Always great to meet a fellow NYC writer :)

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that your little kicker is letting you sleep at night.

  3. Growing a child is amazing- and hard not to be grateful for such a miracle! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. also...heard about the train accident and hope you stayed safe!