Friday, October 11, 2013

Look Ahead - Fateful Encounters in the Nail Art World

I'm sorry I've been so absent from the blog. It's October. And October has always been my favorite month. I'm living the days, exploring where I can (this pregnancy has left me a little less mobile than I have been in past years) and writing what I can of a new novel that is finally beginning to take shape, at least in the contours of my mind, if not on the page. Which, for me, is the only way I can begin. I'm rearranging our apartment for the little one. I'm working at the toy factory in a maze of scripts and approvals and recording sessions and children's songs. I had pizza three times this week.

Yesterday, I attended Comic Con for the first time. I won the tickets through work and did not quite know what to expect. I know so little about pop culture, television, cartoons, gaming, comics, graphics, characters, sci-fi, this overwhelming event was nearly all but lost on me. 

What I loved best were all the costumes. But I left my phone at the office and my real camera at home and, so, I captured none of it. Simply walked the aisles.  And it would turn out that there was a funny thing about leaving the phone behind...

While aimlessly wandering, my friend, Kira, toy designer and nail art enthusiast (but she is also a talented nail artist herself) and I discovered a sign and a booth of artists, and we got our nails done by some of the most talented nail artists in New York!  Above are my nails. Purple (of course) with a little cyclops and a raccoon named Rigby.

The artist is Lexi Martone. She was so incredibly sweet and wow-ed me with her talent. Check out some of her amazing designs here. What she did above was amazing but nothing compared to what she can do! 

Later, Kira would tell me of a fortune she received while playing a game and how strangely it came true for us:

A fateful encounter may just await you on your path today. Don't look down at your phone -- look ahead!

So, forget the phone, leave the screen, look ahead friends. You just might find yourself getting your nails did by the nail-art world's finest. 


  1. Aw, cute nails! So happy to hear that you are out there just enjoying October in every way you can. And a new novel... yay! My absolute favorite time for writing (fiction) is in the fall and winter months. Winter tends to be a bit more productive b/c I don't go out as much as I do in the fall.

    I have yet to hear someone who left a phone or camera behind say they regretted it. These days it's like a survival test: can I really do it? Sad, but true enough that's it's now incorporated into fortunes! ;-) At any rate, sounds like you experienced Comic Con in a fun way!

  2. Pretty :) Some of the most memorable moments of my life were sans camera.