Friday, April 12, 2013

Untold Histories and the great books that found me this week

I'm sorry I've gone missing from the blog. I've been feeling a little uncertain in this space. I'm hoping it will pass.

Over the last few days, I read two extraordinary books: The Sense of An Ending by Julian Barnes and Look At Me by Jennifer Egan.  The first came to me after a long hold at the library. The other was left for the taking on a stoop (this is a wonderful Brooklyn thing.)

I was amazed at the shared themes between these two (very different) books.  As if I put one down and it bled into the other.  So many incredible ideas about personal story. The way we put together pieces of our pasts to create a narrative and how listeners fill the gaps with assumptions. How we spin stories and sell them for consumption, how they change our futures in their telling. Does the essence of who we are ever change beneath the veil of legend?

Lately, I've been looking hard for silence.  I've been thinking for every email I read, every conversation I have, how many things are left unsaid. I'm wondering if there is a deeper truth in the omissions, the untold histories.

So, I've been reading and writing and working and living and maybe none of that is interesting or all of it is -- as I figure out what to share here.

In the meantime, maybe none of this makes any sense, but what I mean to say is that I read not one but two great books, and so I'm wondering what you are reading out there?


  1. People leave books on stoops for other people in Brooklyn? That is awesome!

    I am ashamed to admit that I'm reading Deck Z, which is about zombies on the Titanic. (hangs head in shame)

  2. Your post makes complete sense! I'm intrigued by the two books you mention here... will have to check them out.