Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Looking Up

This is the corner of a street I cross each day.  From one side of the sidewalk to the other, buildings crawl up and I'm left below while the sun giggles in and slips away.  I stole this moment in between meetings and I thought if I captured it I could keep the sky.

I don't know what it is about looking up that makes me think I can turn the shape of clouds into dreams or find someone I've lost.  Maybe it's because our feet are rooted to pavement and concrete and grass, because the dirt of the earth is so final.  But it seems that the moment I look up is the moment I let myself believe nothing truly reaches an end.


  1. Beautiful. It made me take a deep breath and stop. Thank you, Melissa!

  2. This is so beautiful, Melissa. Filled with truth and longing. Thank you.

  3. Beautiful picture, Melissa!
    I wonder how many people in the city stop to look up?
    (Besides the tourists, that is ...)

  4. Beautiful!

    Since I grew up in Hong Kong, I grew up with very little sky. Now I live in a big sky country, on a hill, overlooking a valley ... and the sky is the most beautiful part! The clouds are always up to something amazing.

  5. "...while the sun giggles in and slips away." That is a wonderful line. It makes me pause and contemplate the sun moving across the sky. Love it.