Friday, April 6, 2012

It's Right Now

Is it any wonder that this was my favorite set piece of the night? A giant book! I shouted.
Last night I was fortunate to see Cirque Du Soleil for the first time.  Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour.  I won the tickets through a raffle at work and watched and listened to the show with great interest. I remembered the time (pun intended) when I was a little girl and wanted nothing more than to sport a red leather jacket or one lone sparkle glove.

As everyone contorted their rubberband bodies in their Bonnie Blair suits, as they sprung out from the stage and up into the air, I wondered about these dancers.  They look happy.  Free. I thought. They're doing what they love. But what happens to them when they are old, when they can't dance anymore?

It's a lousy thing to think during an exciting pyrotechnic-ed spectacle. But, well, that's where my mind went. Straight to the terrible, don't invite me to your next party thought: this is not forever.

I tried to remember, to hold on to the idea, that it might not be forever.  But it's right now.


  1. Cirque Du Soleil shows are AWESOME!!!! and so is MJ's music.

    I bet many of the dancers will become trainers/teachers.... no?

  2. I took ballet from an 80 year old woman and she could still do amazing things. There is something so passionate about wearing out your body doing something you love.

  3. What hope Angels shares here.
    It is odd how the mind wanders into dark chambers at times and I can see how your thoughts wandered this way. However, there is always the hope of a 'bright new day' in which all things can be celebrated and achieved; and when the physical can be more, then what about the amazemnt within the mind?

  4. I've never been to Cirque Du Soleil yet, but I really want to go.

    Good thing about writing is its something we can do forever ;)

    As long as we have our wits about us...and even then some people can argue you don't need them to publish a book ;) haha

  5. I think about this when I look at my kids. Totally tearing my hair out as they run amok in my house, but I know I'll miss it when they get older.

  6. I'd still invite you to a party! :)

  7. I've never been to one of those shows, but they sound amazing. And I agree. Live in the moment and be excited about where you are right now in life. Thinking about the future makes my head hurt. :P :)

  8. I LOVED the Cirq de Soleil I went to when I was still dating my hubby. It was awesome. The dancers probably become dance/acrobat teachers??? Maybe. Or they retire in a beautiful place and sip wine while they rest their weary bones.

  9. I went to the Cirque de la Symphonie just before Christmas - and blogged about it, too! It was my first time going to one of their performances and I was spellbound. For me, it was like going back to the circus as a kid, when every moment is magical.