Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dream Builders

Lately, I feel as if all kinds of serendipitous things are happening to me.  To be honest, they happen to me a lot.  Fates aligning in a strange way.  Connections being made at just the right time.  And it is always why I write fiction based in reality and watch documentary films because magical things exist in real life, no fantastical world necessary.

When I opened my email inbox just moments ago, I found that my dear friend Lynn had sent me this photo because, she wrote, it sums up what you have been expressing lately.

And it also meant much, much more to me than she knew (to which I responded you are not going to believe this...)  But, then again, the best of friends always know.  And they always believe.


  1. Lovely saying! And if you figure out how to share the serendipity a little, let me know, I could sure use some :)

  2. "Magical things exist in real life..." Yes! I so believe that, too. It's why I also gravitate toward realistic and literary fiction. Well said!

  3. smiling. Merry Christmas, Miss Sarno!