Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Super Sweet Sixteens, Blindness, and Linda Eder

My brain is working a bit strange these days, under the influence of cold medication and general exhaustion and stuffiness. I feel I must blog and so I do, with no rhyme or reason, or feelings of responsibility to/for what comes out.

I'm going to a super sweet sixteen this weekend for my cousin Gabby. I received an invitation in the mail that was sent in a little blue box and I was told that it is a 'Tiffany-inspired' birthday party. Well then. She's only inviting 80 of her closest friends so I feel privileged to even get an invite. I've also been told there is a special surprise in store for the birthday girl. I really hope it's Justin Beiber.

Yesterday, I stayed home from work to nurse my cold and I saw the episode of "Little House On Prairie" in which Mary goes blind. Wow. I That's all I can say. Those were some very serious times on the prairie. I'm not sure how I survived it, never mind the Ingalls'. I mean seriously, one day your eyes hurt and the next day you're blind? Is that how it works?

Speaking of blindness, I once thought Mandy Patinkin was blind because he had to wear these really big glasses whenever he performed. But it turned out that he had a corneal transplant because he was legally blind in his left eye.

And does anyone remember Nancy Kerrigan's mother? She was legally blind and she used to watch Nancy perform from the stands watching this television that always looked very fuzzy to me. I never understood it. Do you look at fuzzy things but it looks clear?

Guess what? On May 20th, I'm going to see Linda Eder at the Town Hall. I'm obsessed with her beautiful singing voice and I've been waiting for the dates and times and places to all line up so I can finally see her. And they finally did. I am so excited, I can barely stand it. You should watch this video of her singing 'Man of La Mancha' (below). Because you can be a woman and be Don Quixote if you're Linda Eder. That's just how it works.

Please feel free to share your feelings on any subject what-so-ever in the comments.


  1. I remember when you "thinking" Mandy Patinkin was blind involved you running around and shouting, "Mandy Patinkin is blind! Mandy Patinkin is blind! Woe! Lots of it!"

  2. Linda Eder is awesome and I'm jealous that you're going. I've actually had the chance to see her twice in New Jersey, only a few miles from where I live, but, alas, as things happen sometimes planning and scheduling didn't work out. Her "Man of La Mancha" is amazing and I love her rendition of "Gold," also off her Broadway CD.

  3. I hope we hear more about the Tiffany inspired 16 year old party of your niece. Katherine turned 15 this week. We had so much fun. She wouldn't tell me anything she wanted except fingernail I got her a Walgreens card, some Hello Kitty bandaids and a lollipop (there wasn't anything Dora FYI), some vitamins, a pen, a pencil, a cool colored pencil and some squinkies...She's been looking for them for months. We saw them on someone's blog and she's checked every gumball machine she's seen since. Who would have thought they sell them at walmart? Then we took her for a late night fun trip to Walgreens....LOL, what other kid would rather have a family trip to walgreens than a kindle? Only mine... :) Have fun at Gabby's party and feel better...

  4. Oh, I can relate to the fuzzy brain/general exhaustion thing. A Tiffany inspired party? That sounds pretty fun. Hope you're feeling better now!