Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bring It On

I'm back from my blogging hiatus, where I fell out of reality for a few days, eating my way through the holidays, reading two books for two new book clubs, sleeping well, and napping, which is something I haven't done in quite some time.

The New Year begins and so begins the idea that we can begin a-new. I have many resolutions swimming around inside a still sleepy mind. I make resolutions a lot, not just at the beginning of a new year. Time has a knack for beginnings and endings. It's very good at closing doors and opening windows. There are falling leaves and grey days and spring flowers and anniversaries and the reminder of all the tomorrows that allow you to put today and yesterday to rest.

This year, I plan to write a new novel and I'm very excited about it. I am entering a story I don't yet fully understand, a world I am fascinated by, and this book is bringing out things I have always wanted to write about: forgotten amusement parks and a network of underground canals. Musicals and singing and the beautiful stars of old films I once loved.

I'm excited to nestle inside of this world for a while but there is a little bit of trepidation. This is my 'second' novel and I realize how wonderful it was to go into the first one blindly. This time around, I am carrying a lot of fears with me and a lot of feelings of inadequacy. You would think it would be the opposite, now that I have one under my belt (ha!), but it's not shaping up that way. There was a bold arrogance when I began writing Spared that I am not experiencing this time around. But there is a lot of excitement about this new place, these characters. I am hanging on to that joy for now.

Obviously, I don't yet know what the year will bring. But there are things I can bring to it and I very much want to bring this new book into the 'world'. I don't expect it to fall into so many hands, but I'll be happy enough to just let it be.

What do you plan to bring to the new year?


  1. Happy New Year and welcome back, Melissa! I'm glad you had a wonderful trip. It sounds like you are ready to start on your new novel. I don't know who said this, but I think it fits what you are feeling..."The more you know, the more you realize you don't know."

  2. What a deicious and tantalising new year experience to be on the brink of! I wish you well.

    For this year, I intend to complete my trilogy, the writng of book three (I am up to Chapter Six at present) and the illustrating of the second ... and third. I also hope to complete the illustrations for a book for younger children, that is very special to me. It is an adventure, but it could also be used by a cancer charity or such in dealing with hair loss from chemo. This is not done in an overt way and was insprired by a comment made by my grandson, plus 'adventures' that we had when he was younger.

    If I accomplish all of this, then I shall be satisfied ... and I hope that you will, periodically, update us on the progress of your new novel.

  3. Happy New Year! I'm psyched to get working on my first writing goal, to finish my WIP. Can't wait!

  4. happy new year! i'm excited about your new book and so glad you're starting in on that. what a great start to the new year! :)

  5. Ah, beginning a book is magical! Of course finishing a book is pure rapture! And that brings me to my new years resolutions... LoL

    Anyway, just passing through. Looks like a great blog you have here! :-)

  6. Melissa, you and me, woman! Together we stand on 2011 being THE year. The year to outshine every other year. (As far as writing is concerned.)

    I know how you feel about starting the next book. I've all ready started. And went through chapter one THREE times. Time to move onward. There is more to a book than one chapter, right? ;)

  7. Happy New Year!

    I'm finding the same thing with novel #2. It's scary territory- now we know the pitfalls, the dangers, what we have trouble with. I've got to remind myself to keep writing- I can always go back and fix it later (hell, I'm STILL panicking about my last novel- is there too much backstory? How much is too much? Should I even bother worrying about it? I've gotten to the point that I've lost all objectivity and just can't tell if it's okay anymore...). Hopefully, I'll be able to bring what I learned from #1 to #2, and hopefully I'll be able to grow as a writer and keep WANTING to write (rejection is hard!).