Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Save the Words!

Thank you to my dear friend Krista for introducing me to the site Save The Words, where you can adopt words that have fallen out of use from the English language.

I just adopted the word: aquabib

n. water-drinker.

Let's use it in a sentence:

Sally Tutu was such an aquabib that she woke up one day to find her eyes swimming in her head.

Feel free to adopt a word and use it in a sentence in the comments!


  1. Oh! Wonderful!

    My word is 'Hornswoggle!

    v. to cheat or to hoax

    He looked at the meagre amount of his share from the deal and at the two of them; saw complicity , and knew for certain that he had been hornswoggled.

  2. Oh I'm so doing this!!! What a great way to broaden your vocabulary and imagination! Who doesn't love fun and creative words!

  3. All the words are so insistent, I don't know which one to choose! This is one of those sites I'm going to be on tomorrow, when I'm supposed to be working...

  4. So fun. Of course, I was attracted to the word "mingent" only to find out its an adjective that means "discharging urine." LOL. That's a great site.

  5. What a cool idea!! The site it blocked by my firewall, so I'll try to come back later!

  6. The other day I read the word "explicate" in a book. Which I think is a combination of explain and elucidate. Anyway, it sure sounds smart doesn't it?

  7. Excellent! I love the whole word-saving idea. I'm checking this site right now. Thanks, Melissa.

  8. It's a fun site but I am a bit boggled as to how I'll use those words! Although, looking at my sentence above, perhaps I'll have no trouble. :)

  9. Seeing Jayne's comment ... I have used 'boggled' in my book 'Pleasant Pheasant's mind boggled' ... a fantastic word!