Monday, August 23, 2010


I have had this strange feeling in the past few weeks of being left behind. I watch lives unfold and realize that I’m the little girl who has been sent to bed, wondering what all the adults are doing just outside my bedroom.
I suppose it is okay to feel a little unfinished while everyone else forges ahead. But I wonder if patience will ever find me. If I’ll ever be able to close my eyes and be content. Sometimes it’s difficult to ignore everything that’s happening just outside the door.


  1. yes, just moments of contentment!! :)
    i think many people, most people, me FOR SURE feel the way you do, often-

  2. I know that feeling. In one of my critique groups I'd say I'm the least successful writer...It's kind of frustrating sometimes, but then I know I have a great group of people to lean on when I finally do have success...

    You'll get there.

  3. I know just where you're coming from. It's tough, and I spend my time going back and forth between, "Huh, my novel isn't too bad, I think it might have potential," to "OMFG, this is the worst thing ever written and agents will be rolling on the floor in hysterical laughter from New York to San Francisco and I should just really delete the whole thing right now because there's no chance of it ever getting published."

    So yeah. LOL I too feel like absolutely everyone else out there has reached the finish line and I've barely started running...

  4. I feel that way a lot too, but remember there would be people out there feeling that way when looking at you. You're doing great things.'s all about perspective!

  5. I hear ya! It's hard to not hear the party outside and it's hard to remember someday you won't have to go to bed early. That someday you'll be the one everyone else is looking at, wondering if they can ever be in your shoes. :o)

    Good luck, Melissa! Have a wonderful week!