Monday, February 1, 2010

Updates, titles, and tips

A few updates today...

I am nearing the completion of the revisions for Part II of my book. Side note: I've split the book into 3 mental acts (that's the script writer in me) but, technically, it's all one book with no parts. That being said, Part II is where most of the plot is and plot is always very difficult for me. Fortunately, my characters have been exceptionally helpful. It's unclear whether they're begging me to be more active or I'm pushing them, but whatever the case may be, we have a nice working relationship. Only 1 scene to re-write and 1 scene to write from scratch before I begin revisions to Part III.

I decided to re-design my blog, so if you're reading this in a reader or through e-mail, feel free to check it out because I think it's pretty. And the edges are all a surprising, beautiful yellow. Which is the color of the sun. Sun=happy. And it only took 6 hours for this indecisive Libra to choose a blog template. So humour me :-)

I chose a title for my Work in Progress. It is now called Spared. I don't know if this is the best title for the book but it seems to suit my pages quite well right now. Out of curiousity does that word conjure up anything for you? Does it intrigue you in any way? I'd love to know.

And because this post has been very selfish so far, here's a Writing Tip:

When you finish a scene, or a chapter, or your words for the day, before you do a happy dance, write the first sentence for the next scene or chapter or set of words you plan to write tomorrow. Trust me on this one.


  1. I like the title SPARED. Good luck with revisions! They are tough, but so wonderful too!

  2. LOVE this template! Much better than the other one. :)