Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Dreadful Law

Knock on a keyboard, I've never received a speeding ticket in my life. I've never even gotten so much as a parking ticket and, therefore, my experience with the police has been extremely limited. But, this weekend, I had my SECOND run-in with, none other than: THE LAW.

Melissa's First Run in with THE LAW:

On the way back from Ithaca, New York my college roommate, Ting Ting Chen, and I took an 8 hour bus ride to New York City. We arrived at port authority much later than we were supposed to and I still had to take a subway and catch a train to Long Island. So when I saw roughly 100 people on line for a subway ticket (automated machines were still a thing of the future) and saw that I had 15 minutes until my train boarded at Penn Station, Ting Ting and I decided to double-up on the turnstile since she had a working metro card. Seconds later I was told to stand against a wall with my hands up and the police threatened to take me down to the proverbial 'station'. I received a $200 fine. It was the most expensive subway ride I'd ever taken.

Melissa's Second Run in with THE LAW:

On this beautiful Memorial Day weekend, Tyler and I decided to ride our bikes to Coney Island for a bbq with friends. We wanted to ride along the boardwalk to join in the bustling Coney Island activity. Cruising at 3 mph along the boardwalk, the smell of Nathan's hot dogs in the air, the police pulled us over and we were told to step off of our bikes immediately. Apparently, there's no biking on the Coney Island boardwalk during peak hours. Tyler was given a court summons. And the police were so afraid of me, they gave me a 'warning'.

So, this is my criminal record. Doubling up on a subway turnstile. And 2nd degree biking on a boardwalk. I thought you should know how completely ridiculous my life is. And just how bad-ass I am.


  1. Why were the police afraid of you?

  2. LOL. Getting pulled over by police for being on your bike is...um, yeah, bad-ass. :)