Thursday, April 30, 2009


Tonight I took a Rorschach test for my friend Elana, who needed to evaluate some people for a class in her Psy D program. It was quite enjoyable and Elana figures my results are pretty normal. After seeing my disappointment upon hearing that, she was nice enough to tell me that there's a chance I might have some crazy in me when she tallies up the score.

After my exam, I decided that instead of writing tonight I would listen to some music and chill on the internet and I rather enjoyed myself doing that too. But I noticed that as soon as I started listening to Bobby Dylan, I started getting all romantic and sigh-y, and I got what Joni Mitchell calls the 'urge for going'. 

So, how do you deal with the urge for going? Do you just...go? Or do you stay put and wait it out? I think I'm tired of waiting it out and ready to go somewhere and see somethin' new and be somebody.
I wonder if studying inkblots all evening leads to feelings like that.

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